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The end of life is part of life that we must experience.
Let us make the experience a positive one.
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  •   “When you attend a Loretta Downs presentation, you feel as if you have been carried away by cocktail party conversation.... her manner of telling stories, hers and others', is so easy and engaging that you hardly notice the importance and gravity of the subject matter. By the end of an hour, though, when you think back on what you've heard, you realize she's led you to think about some very difficult things with a seriousness and motivation that you hadn't planned or expected. In the "time to talk about it" department, Loretta delivers you gently to that open door.”
    —Dr. Julie Goldstein, Founder and Past-President, Chicago End-of-Life Care Coalition

    Loretta’s uplifting and inspiring style makes talking about the end of life as easy and interesting as talking about the beginning of life.

    She is a storyteller with extraordinary experiences that suffuse her lively presentations with love, compassion, hope and wisdom. Her optimistic perspective on the end of life is informed by decades of being with the dying and the people who care for them. She knows about living with loss, braving the challenges of mid-life, caring for loved ones through death--and what it took to confront her own mortality. Loretta hopes to die in a world where death is seen not as failure, but as the accomplishment of a person’s final work.

  • Through Loretta’s timely and informative presentations, her audiences learn

    How to talk about dying and death in positive terms
    The Seven Paths To a Peaceful Transformation
    What you can do to make your death easier for those you love
    How to approach advance care planning
    How to select someone to trust with your health care decisions
    To think about dying without fear
    The benefits of hospice care
    To support those you love through the end of their lives.
    How to create a Chrysalis™ Room
    Rituals that honor transformation

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