______ A quiet location
______ Sunlight and a view to nature, not a wall
______ A mechanical, adjustable bed
______ An adjustable tray table
______ Night stands, with one drawer and one door at bedsides
______ A table and/or floor lamps to eliminate harsh overhead lighting
______ A sofa sleeper or daybed and/or rollaway bed for overnight guest(s)
______ A recliner chair
______ An easy chair or armchair
______ A small table with 2 to 4 chairs
______ Soft music
______ A coffee table or side table
______ A bookcase
______ Inspirational reading
______ Folding chairs for additional guests
______ Art for walls, especially pictures of nature and butterflies
______ A bulletin board and writing board
______ Vases for fresh flowers that families will bring
______ Battery operated candles
______ A fan to circulate air
______ A coat rack
______ Inspirational books
______ A journal or guest book