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“Life gives us two great gifts, love and death. Mostly they are passed on unopened.”
--- Ranier Maria Rilke

  Loretta Downs is a nationally recognized speaker, writer and counselor on the subject of supporting positive experiences at the end of life. Chrysalis™ End-of-Life Inspirations was formed by Ms. Downs to promote her beneficial work.

"We use hospice as a last resort, when it's a last reward." --- Loretta Downs

Loretta Downs & her mother Anna Schenk     

“My mission in life is to create opportunities for people to
talk about death and dying
in positive terms.


 Photo:  Todd Hochberg ©  

  •   We all have to encounter dying and death—with those we love, and for ourselves. The end of life provides a unique opportunity for us to serve each other, to teach each other, to enjoy immense personal fulfillment and, ultimately, to find serenity and peace—through both the process of dying and being with the dying. The end of life is a part of life we must experience. Let us make the experience positive.”

           -- Loretta Downs

  • "Dear Loretta, I am very touched by the deeply kind nature of your inspiration and your work. Kindness towards the beloved one who is dying and kindness toward those that are mourning. Thank you for using the metaphor of the Butterfly...I love the image of the chrysalis as that time when preparation is made for the final journey. In fact, when the caterpillar is in the chrysalis, it becomes a kind of soup of "imaginal cells" whose DNA that resembles neither the caterpillar or the butterfly. It's an amazing and important time that our culture can begin to honor more completely, thanks to your work."

    -- Kate Munger, Founder, Threshold Choir

* * *

Ms.. Downs developed the Chrysalis™ Room so that hospice patients who reside in nursing homes can make their final transition surrounded by loved ones in privacy, with comfort and dignity and peace. Her dream is to have a Chrysalis™ Room in every nursing home and hospital in America.

The Chrysalis Room at Central Baptist Village, named and inspired by Loretta Downs' vision, was awarded a Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging Promising Practices Award for "Designing a New Approach to End-of-Life Care".
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              Contact Loretta:
Phone:  773.343.8208
Email:  lsdowns@sbcglobal.net

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